We believe we can all make a difference and do our bit to change the world. These are some of the ways we like to do it:

Creating products sustainably and under fair-trade working conditions.
 Making sure the creation of our products doesn’t harm anyone. Neither the environment, nor the animals nor any human being.
Putting all our love, knowledge and dedication into what we create so that when it gets to you it’s something meaningful that it inspires you, encourages you and helps you create your dream life. 
Giving part of our profits to reforestation projects and NGOs.

 We like open-minded people free from prejudices, and we believe that everyone who lives on planet Earth deserves the same respect. Any form or practice of racism, sexism, speciesism or any derivative from hatred and ignorance are totally not welcome in Epoch Collections.ctions is not welcome any form or practice of racism, sexism, speciesism or any derivative from hatred and ignorance.

 In Epoch Collections we have a formula that we try to apply to everything: Love yourself, change your life, change the world. It all starts with the first step, everything else is just collateral effects.

 Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. Above all, perhaps even more important than the previous point. In Epoch we start every day thinking about everything we are grateful for, however insignificant or small it may seem, because we believe that if you aren’t able to be happy with what you have, and if you only focus on everything that you lack, you’ll never be happy and you’ll never have enough.

 Passion. Everything we do we do because we love it and because we’re passionate about it, and we try to convey that feeling in each of our creations.

 Transparency and personality. We think we should all find our authentic selves and be that person daily, unapollogetically and without being limited by the fear of what other people might say. That’s why we’re committed to transparency and closeness, and that’s why we take our work very seriously, but not ourselves. Behind Epoch Collections there’s people, and we love to laugh, talk, learn, enjoy life to its fullest and try to be a little better every day.