Our Philosophy

In Epoch Collections we have a dream that we don’t talk about enough, but it’s something very important for us: changing the world.
We believe that this change that we all want to see starts within each one of us, and that’s why the intention behind all of our products is to make you feel, to inspire you to pursue your dreams and to practice self-love daily.

This is how we plan to do our bit and to change the world, because as utopian and impossible as it may sound to do something like that, we’re convinced that it’s a simple matter of small individual acts that will drive one another like dominoes. Self-love and self-care are often seen as selfish and self-centered concepts, but... Why do you think that every time you get on a plane they tell you to put on your lifejacket first, before helping any other person? It’s impossible to try to help others and generate a positive impact on the planet if you haven’t dedicated time to yourself first to feel happy, loved and fulfilled.
Unfortunately, in today's world there are many people who live on automatic pilot, without really thinking about what they are doing and without even knowing why they’re doing it. There are too many people letting the days pass them by instead of taking control of their lives, feeling stressed, lost, anxious and suppressing their authentic selves. It’s impossible to worry or give importance to anything when you are dealing with that.
Only when we feel good and grateful on a daily basis can we care about anything else. About the planet, about the animals, about humanity. We know the world needs more people feeling that way. That’s why, from Epoch Collections, we want to encourage you to find and to love yourself, outside and inside, and our biggest dream is to help you do it.

And why do we care so much about this? Very simple. We believe that there’s already too many people in the world applying the "I do not care" movement on a daily basis, and we also believe that the world needs exactly the opposite. People who do care. People who bet for a change and who care about the details and values. People who go one step further for the planet, for the animals, for the humans and for the welfare of all.

If you were ever doing something following your values and someone told you: "I don’t know why you care so much, you won’t change the world by doing that"...
From here we want to tell you the opposite. Keep doing it. Keep caring and keep doing what you think could change the world, because only people like you, step by step, will change it.

If you want to know how we apply our values and philosophy in our products, you can learn about it here.