Products & Packaging

? The why behind everything we do
Our products are inspired by dreamers creators with wild hearts who challenge the status quo and who think that a better world is possible. We believe that the change we all want to see begins within each one of us, and that’s why the intention behind all of our products is to make you feel, inspire you to pursue your dreams, help you to fully experience your passions and encourage you to practice self-love on a daily basis.

Ethical production
All our products are designed, made, printed and packaged by hand in Barcelona with all our love, detail and affection.
We pay close attention to the working conditions present in other companies before buying any material that we need, and we fight for a world in which no one has to be exploited and mistreated in their place of work.

Vegan & Cruelty-free

Although they are similar, they are two different concepts and two essential requirements for us when creating any product. And no, we don’t say it because it's fashionable or to do marketing. I myself, as founder of the brand, I am a vegan, a lover of animals since I can remember and I dream daily of a world in which no animal has to suffer the consequences of human life on Earth. I avoid consuming or buying anything that comes from animal abuse in my personal life, whether in the field of food, fashion, cosmetics or any variant of these, so I would be unable to sell or create products that don’t were allign with my own values.

We‘re incredibly happy and proud to say that our packaging doesn’t generate any new plastic in the world. We’ve worked hard to protect the products without using plastics, but it has been worth it. Now even the tape with which we close the packages is made of paper and it can be recycled directly with the cardboard boxes!
If you ever find a plastic in your order, we can ensure 100% that it’s recycled plastic. That is to say, if by purchasing some object from suppliers before printing it comes wrapped in plastic, we reuse that packaging not to generate even more waste (otherwise, we would’ve generated twice the cost to the environment: plastic, which we would throw to look good and not show any plastic in our packaging, and the cardboard packaging that we would also have to use and that, once you had opened the package, it would also end up in the garbage). For us it’s more important to take care of our planet than to give a false image, so we don’t rule out that you can ever find plastic wrappers in our packaging; what we can ensure is that in any case it’d be new or purchased plastic and that we try to reduce our carbon footprint to the maximum.
Apart from the packaging, the vast majority of our t-shirts and textiles are made of organic cotton, and all the inks with which we print them are 100% natural.

100% natural and organic ingredients
All the ingredients that we use to make tea, aromatherapy and cosmetic products are 100% natural and organic. Again, it's not marketing; I myself am a maniac of ingredient lists and, as a general rule, if there is anything on that list that I don’t understand or don’t know what it is, I don’t buy the product.