↠ What specific measures are you taking to make the production of your products less harmful for the environment?
In the case of t-shirts and textile products we try to use organic cotton whenever possible, and the inks we use to stamp the fabric are 100% natural. As for our teas and cosmetics or aromatherapy products, all the ingredients we use to create them are natural and organic, and our candles are made of soy wax and don’t contain petroleum derivatives. Finally, the paper of our notebooks and many of our prints is recycled.

↠ What does it mean to you when you say your products are “ethically made”?
It means that no person or animal has been harmed, mistreated or exploited to create any of our products. Plus, they are all made or stamped and packaged by ourselves by hand.

↠ How are you making your packaging more sustainable?
We don’t use plastic to wrap the products, and even the tape with which we close the boxes is made of paper and can be recycled directly with the cardboard packaging.

↠ What’s the “Giving Back” program? What does it mean to you?
We are eternally grateful to be able to dedicate ourselves to what we are passionate about, to be able to experience our dream and to be able to live on this planet. That's why we felt the need to give back to the Earth, which gives us all so much every day, and from that need came the Giving Back program, with which we donate €0.50 for each sale over €25 and we destine it to reforestation projects and charitable associations whose values are aligned with ours.


↠ Where are your products made?
In Barcelona, Spain.

↠ Who makes and designs your products?

↠ What are the values that stand behind your products?
You can read them all here, but briefly, all our products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, handmade with an ethical and sustainable production and, above all, they’re all made to inspire dreamers who believe that a better world is possible.

↠ What are the “Experience boxes”? They are boxes inspired by concrete experiences, such as, for example, the experience of reading, writing or pampering and dedicating self-care time to oneself. All the products within these boxes are created and designed especially for these specific moments, to make each of these experiences more meaningful and special, and to help you create your own experience and turn it into your own self-care ritual.
↠ What’s the idea behind them? The idea of the experience boxes arose from our philosophy that an object doesn’t have to be just that, a thing that remains inside a drawer for oblivion. Our mission is to create products that can mean something important to you and that inspire you to dedicate more time to yourself and to do everything that you are passionate about.
↠ Are they subscription boxes? No.
↠ Can I purchase the products featured in these boxes individually? Yes! Most of the products featured in the experience boxes are also available for sale individually.

↠ Do you use eco-friendly materials? Yes. Most of our textile items are made of 100% organic cotton.
↠ Why is it important to choose organic cotton over conventional cotton? You can read the impacts of conventional cotton and all the reasons why organic cotton is better here.
↠ How can I know what size is the right one for me? In the tab of each clothing item there’s a size guide with the measurements of the piece in particular.
↠ Are your clothing items made ethically? 100%. We ensure that our supplier of textile garments is fair-trade (that meets good working conditions for its workers and that it doesn’t exercise any type of exploitation or abuse). In addition, the printing of t-shirts and other textile items is done by hand by our own team.
↠ Do you use materials derived from animals? No, never.

↠  What are your candles made of? 100% soy wax.
↠  What makes them better than conventional candles? Unlike conventional candles, which are made of paraffin (a derivative of petroleum), our candles are made of soy wax, which is a 100% natural and vegetable wax. That’s why it has a clean combustion, which means that, when you light the candle, neither you nor the environment is suffering the pollution that causes the combustion of petroleum. In addition, soy wax has a better and much slower combustion, so soy candles last many more hours. Plus, soy wax is the one that accepts the most perfume, so its smell is much more intense and lasts longer than any other type of candle!
↠  Are they vegan? Yes! Our candles, just like all our other products, are 100% vegan. In addition, we don’t use dyes and try to keep the formulas as natural as possible.
↠  What is their approximate burn-time? 40-50 hours.
↠  How can I take care of my candles so they burn longer and better? Cut the wick about 0.5-0.6cm each time before lighting it. Always burn the candle until the pool of melted wax has reached the edges of the container before turning it off. That way you will prevent the wax from accumulating along the sides of the container and making a "tunnel". When they are not lit and all the wax is cold, you can keep the candle jar upside down so that it retains the smell better.

↠  Are all of your teas organic? Yes! All the ingredients in our teas are 100% organic and natural.
↠ Do you make sure that the production of tea by your suppliers is ethical and sustainable? Yes, we made a lot of research amongst al the tea suppliers we found and chose the one that could prove us that the tea production was 100% ethical and fair-trade.
↠ Do you make the tea blends yourselves? What are they based on? Yes! We always make our tea blends thinking of an experience in particular. For example, if we want to create a tea blend for reading moments, we put ourselves in the situation and try to imagine what would be the best tea to drink while reading. We always try to create what we think would make that experience even more special, cozier and more meaningful.

↠ Can I put my mug in the dishwasher? Not the metallic ones, but you can use the dishwasher with the ceramic mugs. Nevertheless, we recommend to wash them by hand to maintain the color 100% intact overtime.
↠ Can I put my mug in the microwave? It’s not possible to use the microwave with the metallic mugs, but you can indeed use it for the ceramic ones.


↠ How long do you take to process an order since it’s purchased until it is sent?
Between 24 and 72 hours.

↠ My purchase is a present. Is there any option to add a personalized note?
Absolutely! Just send us an email to hello@epochcollections.com with the reference of your order and the note that you would like us to add.

↠ I want to make a present but I don’t know what products to choose… Do you offer gift vouchers?
They will be available very soon!

↠ Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately, we can’t cancel an order once it has been made. If there has been an error or you have made a mistake and you want to change it, you just have to send us an email to hello@epochcollections.com and we will help you with whatever you need!

↠ Do you offer discounts or sales?
Yes! If you don’t want to miss out any sales make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter! If you’re not a member yet, you can become an insider here.

↠ I haven’t received an order-confirmation mail. What should I do?
First of all, make sure it has not been lost in the spam folder. If it is not there either, send us an email to hello@epochcollections.com and we will send it to you again.