Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are defined as small text files that a website stores in the user's browser, whose function is to facilitate the use and navigation of that website, storing the user's browsing habits through that particular website. They do this by storing the user's browsing habits for that particular website, but in no case do they keep your personal information, contact details, bank or any other type of information. Your privacy is assured.

Types of cookies

1) Essential cookies

There are some cookies that are essential for the operation of the website, whose prior notice is not necessary.

2) Analysis cookies

The analysis cookies are third-party cookies, installed by Google Analytics and managed by Google, Inc. Its function is to quantify the number of visitors to the website and make a statistical analysis, with the aim of informing the e-commerce manager the contents that most interest visitors to this website.
You can get more information in this link on the Google website:

What cookies does Epoch Collections use?

This website uses cookies in the internal processes of operation, which allow controlling the user's browsing data in order to make the communication established between him and our website more comfortable and faster. The validity of these cookies is the estimated necessary to achieve these objectives. In no case are cookies used to acquire personal data identifying the user.
The third-party cookies you use on this website are for analytical purposes only.
If you continue browsing, you accept the installation of these cookies. If you do not accept them, you can deactivate them at any time from your browser. The following links explain how to do it from the most common browsers:

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